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Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans.

Theme: Fire
Rating: K
Status: None

"Mommy, Daddy!" A little girl shouts in the far corner of the hall, whimpering quietly, scared and alone since she lost sight of her parents before the accident happened. Around the corner Beast Boy hears the little girl and runs down to her and kneels to the little blond tree year old with baby blue eyes girl.

She instantly hugs the green changeling felling a bit safer with him. The shape-shifter picks her up in his arms and rubs her back trying to comfort her.

"Hey don't worry little girl I'll get to your mommy and daddy." Beast Boy whispers, holding a tree year old girl in his arms.

It was suppose to be a simple mission. Stop a villain from trashing a hotel. Simple, right? Not even close. What the problem was that the villain was no other then Dr. Light a criminal with lame light puns.

Beast Boy was suppose to sneak in the hotel and evacuate the people, but the problem was that Dr. Bright sight accidently hit a gas pipe and set the hotel on fire. Luckily all people where on the 1st floor and far away from the gas pipes, but he himself was trapped on the 3rd floor.

So he with a lost little girl in his arms, flames surrounding them as he ran in the long halls holding the scared little girl, looked for a way out.


"People I need you all to calm down." Robin said leading people away from the fire to let to the paramedics since some of them had smoke poison and letting fire fighters do their job. Dr. Light was already stopped and sent to the police since he was a bit stunned from the mini explosion he caused when he hit the gas pipes. So it was pretty easy for the four titans to knock him down.

"Robin, BB's is still in there!" Cyborg shouts, further away from him, helping the last person get away from the hotel, worry clearly showed on his face for his green buddy.

"I know, but he'll get out of there, don't worry." Robin said. Thou he himself felt a bit worried for their green team mate since he was right in the middle of the explosion.

Raven and Starfire helped the fire fighters put out the fire, raven using her magic to put sand on the fire and Starfire grabbing the hose and spray it on the fire; they too worried for their team mate.


Burning rubbles falls down right in front the two as Beast Boy was reaching for the stairs. The little girl began to cough violently as the smoke and almost unbearable heat was finally affecting her. Beast Boy quickly took of his costumes shirt, since it was designs to withstand the fire and put it on her small body, covering her whole.

"Mister I'm scared."The little girl whimpered, finally able to breathe almost normally under the collar of Beast Boys shirt.

"Don't be, I won't let anything happen to you." Said Beast Boy, crouching since the smoke almost begins to affect him too, the heat doesn't affect him to much since he was used to such temperature. A few embers falls on Beast Boy leaving a nasty burn mark on his exposed back, but he ignores the pain, not wanting to frighten the already scared girl.

So he desperately looks around for an exit and finally spots a window about few meters away from them. Adjusting the girl so that he could hold her tight he whispers to her ear:

"Hold on tight." And he runs of as fast as he can to the window.


"Friends why have our friend Beast Boy had not come back yet?" Starfire ask looking at the blazing hotel where her friend is in.

"I don't know Star, we can only wait." Robin says with a sad look on his face it already been 5 minutes and the green shape-shifter had not come back.

"Man we got to get in there, BB might be hurt in there!" Cyborg yells at his leader clearly not a patient person. Especially when there is his friend involved.

"Sorry Cy but we can't, there is no way that we could get in there! The fire has all the entries and exits blocked."

"I won't leave him there alo-"


All four Titans looks up and sees their green changeling falling down from the shattered window.

"Azarath, Metrion, ZINTHOS!" Quickly chants Raven, grabbing Beast Boy saving him from falling flat on the ground.

They all quickly run to their friend and sees that he has docents of scratch mark from the widow and nasty burned marks on his exposed back.

He looks up and says "Get a doctor."

At first they didn't understood why, but then they see a small girl in his grasped wearing his uniform shirt, breathing heavily. The paramedic quickly runs up to the changeling, taking the little girl and gives her an air mask, helping her to breath better. Another paramedic gives him an air mask too and he takes it without hesitation the smoke finally taking a tool on him.

A cloth warps around the changeling as he looks up and sees Raven and other looking at him worriedly.

"Are you alright?" Raven asks being the closes to Beast Boy with concern in her voice.

Taking a few deep breaths on the air mask he says "Been better." And smiles at the dark sorceress.

"Man you had us worried there for a minute." Cyborg said petting his back to which Beast Boy wince.

"Heh sorry." He sheepishly rubs his head.

"It's alright." Grins Beast Boy, but instantly was tackled by Starfire's bear hug.

"Oh friend I was really worried for your well being, I hope this will not repeat itself ever again."

"Ugh Starfire if you won't let go I don't think he won't be needed to worry about anything anymore." Robin said, looking at the now pale green looking changeling.

Starfire immediately let go of him and apologized profusely. Beast Boy told her not to worry and stud up, but instantly hissed as his back began to hurt. Immediately Raven and Robin was by his side helping him out.

"Don't strain yourself Beast Boy, you did a good job today." said Robin, carefully holding Beast Boy's side, preventing him of doing any more damage on the burn and scratch marks.

"Here, let me help you." said Raven using her magic on his exposed back, carefully moving her hand around it.

Beast Boy let out a satisfied sight "Thanks Rae."

"It's Raven and your welcome." she smiled a ghostly smile to the changeling to which he responded with a grin.

When Raven was done the group went to the paramedics to check if Beast Boy didn't had any serious smoke poison since he got a good dose of it.

The paramedics checked him and said not to worry since he doesn't has anything serious, just a few coughing fits will appear here and there, but not to worry too much.

Beast Boy thanked them and just as he was about to leave with his team he felt a small thug on his arm. He looked down and saw the little girl that he saved earlier, still wearing his uniform shirt that reached to her knees. He lowers down to her level and smiles at her.

"Hey, how are you feeling? Did you found your mommy and daddy." he asked softly at the tree year old.

She nods and without a warning hugs him tightly. Beast Boy was stunned for a moment, but then returned the hug.

"Thank you Beast Boy." she whispered to his pointy ear, tightening the hug.

"You're welcome." he realised the embrace "Now go to your parents they must be worried sick for you." the girl nods and before leaving gives him a quick peck on his cheek and runs off to her awaiting parents with his shirt still on her small body.

Beast Boy stands up and looks at his team mates who were smiling at him after seeing all of it. He smiled back at them and said "Let's go home."

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